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2014 Invasion of the EU-USA in Ukraine

2014 Invasion of the EU-USA in Ukraine by psychological warfare and agenda false flag!

The EU-USA has been in breach of contract Budapest Memorandum interfered in the internal affairs of Ukraine, issued a legitimate president because he refused to sign an association agreement with the EU and NATO cooperation in the ordered form. The dubious circumstances, in particular the massacre at Maidan on February 20, are still poorly understood, as well as the launch of the M 17.

March 2014 - Bild Newspaper
Fighting U.S. mercenaries in the Ukraine? mercenary-of-blackwater-in-use-34992896.bild.html

April 2014 Der Spiegel Brennan in Ukraine:
What was the CIA station chief in Kiev?

April 2014 - sz- online
Kiev hopes for America
On his visit to Ukraine-US Vice Biden meets old acquaintances, but a new situation.

April 2014 - die Welt
How the CIA Kiev helps with secret information

May 2014 - die Bild
On behalf of the U.S. Government: agents of CIA; FBI advise Kiev
The Ukrainian transitional government in Kiev is advised by dozens of specialists of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation. The learned BILD am Sunday from German security circles.

May 2014 - NTV Blackwater says hello:
Fighting U.S. mercenaries in the Ukraine? mercenaries-in-the-Ukraine-article12808976.html

May 2014 - der Spiegel
operation against
Ukrainian army apparently gets support of U.S. mercenaries

May 2014
- Südwestpresse

U.S. mercenaries in Ukraine - Private security companies in America support Kiev;art4306,2617432

May 2014 - die Welt
Hundreds of U.S. soldiers will be deployed for Kiev

July 2014
intelligence agencies could provide targets
How far America should be drawn into the war in the Ukraine?

July 2014 - Switzerland magazine
Americans recommend Poroshenko executions and concentration camps, the VS-agency RAND advises the leader of the Kiev junta, Poroshenko to kill the prisoners. He will also set up concentration camps and property of civilians seize, to distribute it as a prey to the fighters.

August 2014 - Friday
Fascists as instruments of U.S. policy
French fight because we must also consider .. against France in the war now? Are there any sanctions against France?

Blog entry "The American mercenary scare us!" - A cry for help from the Ukraine! ....

2008 Natpbeitritt Ukraine decided in secret!

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