Sonntag, 24. August 2014

ISRAEL operates lynching and announces TERROR also ABROAD

ISRAEL operates lynching and announces TERROR also ABROAD!

Israel killed Hamas financial experts
Israel killed yesterday a financial expert Hamas specifically. The Israeli army announced that Mohammed al-Ghoul was responsible for the transfer of funds for terrorist purposes.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed that Ghul was killed in an air raid. Witnesses reported by US-dollar notes in the wreckage of his vehicle. Only a few days earlier Israel had killed three senior Hamas commander in southern Gaza.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid threatened with targeted attacks on the political leadership of the "radical Islamic Hamas" abroad.
Clarification is also what intelligence agencies are involved in Hamas. Mossard? CIA? MI5, MI6? Others? Who is behind the "Hamas"?

And Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants Palestine so long bombs down to there "no resistance" against the illegal occupation of the land by Israel shows more! So genocide and total cleansing and subjugation!


And where are there the SANCTIONS? Although sanctions and weapons will never solve the conflict but ONLY THE JUSTICE to which we must return. The UN International law must be lifted and the "martial law" must be recognized as "WRONG. There is NO RIGHT to kill and destroy habitats!

God Sky Earth transformed on the basis of international law international legal standards by conforming to the universal law of life, and the protection of life. Life is protected by God! Those who ignore this, to take the responsibility fully.

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